Terenzi Horror Nights

American Horror

Terenzi Horror Nights was started by Marc Terenzi with the help of best friend Michael Mack in 2007. The idea was complex but had a simple message . . . . to bring a very American Hollywood Horror idea to Europe. To live the horror movies. The event has been very successful and to this day continues to sell out most nights.

The event has won many awards over the years including 2X winner of “Best International Attraction” award in London 2009 and 2010. Dominating the horror market giants such as Universal Studios Orlando, Disney, Busch Gardens and Knockberry Farms. It’s also the winner of the “Best Event” 2010, a peoples choice award in Park Scout Magazine. Everything you see at Terenzi Horror Nights comes from the imagination of Marc. He is the creator, owner, writer, director and co-producer of this event.

From designing houses, sound design, creating characters, writing music for the shows, creating all house concepts, directing actors and running the event, it is a combination of everything he does creatively in his life.

In 2009 he introduced the idea of the “Vampires Club” which was an after party complete with themed vampires. It was extremely successful. It’s also the only fully themed Vampires Club in the world. In 2010 Marc also introduced the idea of a rock musical on ice called Horror on Ice. Marc wrote new songs that you could only hear in the event with producer and long time friend Benny Richter. Today it is the only event in the world with attractions, shows and an after party fully themed in horror.

In the future Marc has his sights set on expanding the Terenzi Horror Nights Event locations. He would like to open more shows in other parts of Europe, China, Russia, and India. He has his sights set on the entire whole world . . .