Marc Terenzi

Marc Terenzi - DJ und Events

Marc Terenzi always wants to try new things and this is no different. After the success of his singing carrier he has decided to move into a new form of music. DJ Marc Terenzi –VS- DJ Nick Rivers is a DJ idea that combines two DJ's, live singing and American rock guitarist Jason Mercurio to bring you a high energy show that is much more than the normal DJ clubbing experience. Marc DJ’s at the exact same time as DJ Nick Rivers on completely separate systems allowing them to mix songs that you cant normally mix live on one DJ setup, Even the occasional DJ battle.

They mix house, electro and mash-up hits while adding live moments in between. They seem to be doing something right as they already were selected as the DJ’s for the Eurovision Song Contest after show party at Rudas Studios in Dusseldorf and even performing for the Royal family of Azerbaijan. They have been hired for many private events, galas and public performance just from word of mouth before even advertising this concept. Marc Terenzi plans to record a new album to release this year in this style of music. Marc is available for DJ bookings where the possibilities are endless and this kind of DJing can fit almost any event….Except for a boring one.